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Cosmetic Laser Dentistry Q & A

Cosmetic Laser Dentistry Q & A

What is laser dentistry?

Lasers use highly-focused beams of energy to perform many tasks, and they’re widely used in many areas of medicine, including dentistry, where they may be used to treat decay and gum disease, and perform gum surgery and other procedures, replacing traditional techniques that are often more invasive.

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

Because they’re so highly-focused, laser beams can provide much more accurate treatment compared to other instruments, resulting in less tissue damage, less inflammation and swelling, and faster recovery. Plus, because they create heat, they also cauterize small blood vessels while the treat, resulting in less bleeding compared to traditional techniques.

How does Commack Dental Design use lasers?

Lasers are used in many types of procedures, including:

  • Treatment of tooth decay and preparation of the tooth surface to receive the filling material (the extra precision of lasers means less of the healthy tooth material is removed during the treatment process);
  • Curing fillings and adhesives to provide a stronger bond with the tooth surface, resulting in improved integrity and outcomes;
  • Treating gum disease by killing bacteria below the gum line as well as reshaping the gums as needed to protect tooth roots when gums have receded and to remove excess gum tissue in a “gummy” smile;
  • Biopsies to provide precise removal of abnormal tissue for evaluation under a microscope;
  • removal of painful cankers and non-cancerous lesions.

Will lasers be used in my care?

That depends on the type of care you need as well as your preferences and whether the dentist feels it’s a good choice for your care. Lasers do have limitations – for instance, lasers cannot be used on teeth that are filled nor can they be used to treat decay between teeth. You can ask about laser options and whether or not they’re an option for you during your evaluation.

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