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Month: April 2017

Is fluoride bad for toddlers

Apr 29 2017 By The Dental Expert

A lot of parents want to know “is fluoride bad for toddlers“? Following a change in guidelines from the American Dental Association a few years ago, the question whether fluoride toothpaste is safe for young children continues to circulate among parents and dentists. For years, the ADA recommended that parents wait until age 2 to start using fluoride toothpaste with their children. However, that recommendation changed in February 2014, when the organization said parents can begin using a…

Keep your dental routine clean for earth day

Apr 22 2017 By The Dental Expert

As Earth Day approaches, we are reminded of the importance of being environmentally friendly. You don’t have to eat tofu and wear all-natural fibers to green your dental routine. These 5 tips can help you keep your teeth clean and healthy while saving the environment: Turn off the water! Do you mindlessly brush your teeth with the water running? Turn on the water only to rinse your mouth and toothbrush. Go natural.  Try a toothbrush made from…

Some Fun Alternatives To Candy On Easter

Apr 14 2017 By The Dental Expert

Our friend the Easter Bunny is on his way. But this year, he wants your kids to have fewer sweet treats. Marshmallow bunnies and chicks covered in sugar are tasty, but they can cause tooth decay. Try to think outside the box – or Easter basket – this year for some fun alternatives to candy: Tooth Treats: If your little one loves stuffed animals, Plak Posse Palz are soft toys with “real teeth” so kids can practice brushing…

Are you a candiate for sedation dentistry?

Apr 10 2017 By The Dental Expert

While Dr. Baharestani and Dr. Artin Sakhaee and our team at Commack Dental Design strive to offer a comfortable and unmatched experience for all our patients, we realize that fear or anxiety while visiting the dentist still affects some of our patients. For those of our patients who need extra comfort and relaxation during their visits, we are more than happy to offer sedation, a safe and effective option that provides a deeper and more complete relaxing…


Apr 01 2017 By The Dental Expert

LOOKING FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS IN LONG ISLAND NY TO REJUVENATE YOUR SMILE? LOOK NO FURTHER! Having a smile that you’re proud of and comfortable with is something that every patient wants to achieve, no matter how old they are. But without proper care for your teeth, your smile could be lacking its shine. That’s why Commack Dental Design offers several procedures for patients who want to replace missing teeth and give them a second chance at the…

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