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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

You want a whiter smile, but you don’t want to wait for whitening toothpaste or strips to work. What other options are there? Well, you can always visit your dentist for professional teeth whitening that will have instant results. However, the whitening of your teeth so instantaneously might have you wondering if it is safe. Keep reading to learn a bit more about professional teeth whitening and whether or not the procedure is safe.

What is the active ingredient in teeth whitening products?

The active ingredient in most whitening products is carbamide peroxide. This product is an active bleaching agent that yields hydrogen peroxide.

Is teeth whitening safe?

So, is teeth whitening actually safe? Well, you can rest assured that the dental experts who manufacture them have worked tirelessly to ensure that not only are the teeth whitening products effective but that they’re also safe.

That being said, there are a few areas of concern after you undergo a teeth whitening procedure: your gums, your teeth, and any dental restorations you might have. That’s not to say that you will experience, problems, but it is definitely something to make note of.

Your Gums and Teeth Whitening

Whenever bleach touches your gums, you are putting yourself at risk for irritation. This can occur for those using at-home whitening kits, but with professional teeth whitening, the concentration of bleach is typically higher. Thankfully, dental professionals utilize special protection for your gums to ensure that the bleach doesn’t irritate your gums. They will also remove the product from the area to reduce the risk of developing an irritation.

Teeth Whitening and Tooth Sensitivity

When you whiten your teeth, tooth sensitivity is a common side-effect. Some people already suffer from tooth sensitivity, but this can enhance the issue. Thankfully, this issue typically doesn’t last long and it can be improved by utilizing a toothpaste designed with sensitive teeth in mind. If you have broken teeth or teeth with decay, you might experience a bit more discomfort and sensitivity to extreme temperatures that lasts longer.

Teeth Whitening and Dental Restorations

If you have dental restorations you will want to understand how they can react to professional teeth whitening. A study was released stating the dangers of teeth whitening to those who have silver fillings, but it was proved false by the Academy of General Dentistry. While teeth whitening will not negatively affect crowns or implants, the issue comes in the teeth that lay underneath. Applying bleach to a cracked or damaged tooth can be painful, but a dentist will check your teeth before the treatment to ensure that everything looks good.

Trust Commack Dental Design With Your Teeth Whitening!

Summer is just a month away and if you want a dazzling white smile that you can proudly display at the beach, the countless bonfires you’re planning to attend, or in numerous wedding photos, trust the experts at Commack Dental Design. At our state of the art dental facility in Commack, New York, you can take advantage of our professional teeth whitening services. We use safe, ADA approved methods backed by years of experience. To get on schedule and whiten your smile before beach season hits, contact our office today!

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