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Author: The Dental Expert

Dental emergency in Suffolk? We can help!

Jan 25 2017 By The Dental Expert

You have lost a large filling, and the tooth hurts. Don’t hesitate to call your emergency dentist located at Commack Dental Design. You’ll receive proper advice and treatment quickly and compassionately. The Philosophy Guiding Emergency Dentistry Excellent dentistry is more than professional cleanings, fillings and dental crowns. Frequently, situations require prompt action and counsel. Preserving natural tooth structure and oral function and restoring patient comfort are fundamental to emergency dentistry. First and foremost, protect your oral health…

What happens in a dental implant procedure

Jan 14 2017 By The Dental Expert

Every dental implants procedure is multi-step process. While most dental offices can only handle a few steps of this procedure, Commack Dental Design provides every step of your dental implant procedure in one location. STEP 1. THE CONSULTATION Before you can get dental implants, you’ll need a professional to assess your needs. While most dentists are able to provide an implant consultation, many will need to refer you to another dental office to perform your measurements, extractions, and/or tooth implants….

The Benefits of Invisalign, Commack NY

Jan 06 2017 By The Dental Expert

Getting braces is not an exciting prospect for anyone in commack. But what if we told you that you could permanently correct your alignment issues without experiencing any of the drawbacks of traditional braces? Here at commack dental design we offer Invisalign – an alternative that is revolutionizing the way people think about straightening teeth – and decide if this is the better option for you. Eat Whatever You Want With traditional braces, you have to avoid eating…

4th of July weekend

Jul 01 2016 By The Dental Expert

The 4th of July is the quintessential summer holiday, filled with family gatherings, barbecues, parties, and plenty of food and drink. commack dentists Dr. Artin Sakhaee and Dr. Michael Baharestaniand their team at Commack dental design encourage their patients to practice moderation during their July 4th celebrations, especially when it comes to the following foods! Fat-Filled Burgers Hamburgers are an undeniable favorite at a barbecue, especially during the summer. But the typical hamburger, while full of protein, is generally full of…

How Gum Disease can effect your body

Jun 24 2016 By The Dental Expert

What Is Gum (Periodontal) Disease? Gum disease is caused by two things: 1. the presence of bacteria in the mouth and 2. places for that bacteria to congregate and stay.  Most often, bacteria collect on buildup (calculus) around and below the gum line.  This buildup causes inflammation and irritation, triggering an immune response by the body.  The mildest form of gum (periodontal) disease is called gingivitis.  Left unchecked, the condition can create periodontal “pockets” or…

Don’t overlook important oral health habits for young children

Jun 17 2016 By The Dental Expert

Only 28 percent of American parents would give their kids an “A” grade for oral health, according to a new survey of American children’s dental health by Delta Dental.1 In fact, nearly nine of 10 parents (86 percent) say their children’s oral health isn’t as good as it could be. A majority of parents (51 percent) understand that oral care habits – rather than genetics or what their kids eat – are most responsible for their…

Spring Clean Your Mouth

Jun 03 2016 By The Dental Expert

Spring is a perfect time to say “out with the old and in with the new.” It’s also a perfect time to check in with your oral hygiene routine and freshen it up with a few simple swaps. Step 1: Replace your toothbrush. Toothbrushes should be changed out every 3-4 months, or sooner if the bristles are frayed or if you’re recovering from an illness. When you’re sick, storing your toothbrush near other toothbrushes in…

Closed Memorial Day 2016

May 27 2016 By The Dental Expert

It’s Memorial Day weekend! A fun time to gather with friends and family celebrating and relaxing. With all the fun activities, comes all the delicious party food. One of the most popular items consumed during the Memorial Day holiday is actually the worst for your child’s teeth. What is it, you may ask? The answer is SODA! Soda gets continuously sipped, providing a steady supply of pure sugar to your kiddo’s vulnerable teeth. This holiday,…

Commack dental Design Baby Teeth

May 20 2016 By The Dental Expert

The story begins by quoting a remark that’s often heard: “What’s the big deal if toddlers get cavities? Those teeth are going to fall out anyway.” It then goes on to thoroughly debunk that myth — citing evidence about the importance of baby teeth from numerous scientific studies, and offering suggestions about how to keep your children’s teeth in good shape. Of course, the vital role played by healthy baby teeth isn’t exactly news to…

Stress in dental

May 13 2016 By The Dental Expert

Stress can be harmful to us in many ways but here at commack dental design we can help. In addition to taking a toll on emotional well-being, it can impact physical health by increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and heart disease, affect sleep and memory, cause headaches, and worsen depression. Not only that, but it can impact the health of your smile!! Here’s what you need to know: Bruxism (teeth grinding): High levels…

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